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    1. Highlight stick

    A versatile highlighter Which creates immediate luster and can be used for all the areas you want to emphasize. What shade you get will be a surprise!

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    2. It's All Clear Cleansing Gel

    A deep cleansing and moisturizing cleaning jelly that helps regulate oiliness. The fresh gel effectively removes makeup, dirt and excess fat.

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    3. Soft-Touch 48H Antiperspirant Deodorant

    Hickap's Super-efficient antiperspirant deodorant with silky soft feeling and wonderfully healthy scent. Protects against sweat and unwanted smell for 48 hours.

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    4. Niagara Falls Ultra-Hydrating Mask 72h

    Hickap's Intensive moisturizing and cooling moisture mask contains three types of hyaluronic acid which helps maintain the skin's moisture balance for 72 hours.

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    5. Bronze Glow Serum Hyaluronic Acid

    A moisturizing and luminous serum that gives a lovely bronzig hue! The serum is fully charged with light -reflecting pigments which provides a smooth and sun -kissed skin tone and a natural glow.

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    6. Makeup Brush Cleanser

    Keep your favorite brushes clean and fresh with Hickap's Super-efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning spray, especially designed for vegan brushes with synthetic brush hair.

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    7. Hyper Glow Body Scrub

    A beautiful creamy and rich body scrub that exfoliates the skin to velvet perfection! The result is a wonderfully soft skin with even structure and brilliant luster.

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    8. Velvet Smooth Tanning Mitt

    Hickap's Luxurious application glove is a must to apply brown-without-sun products and get a perfectly even result.

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    9. Bronze Booster Self Tanning Mousse

    A colored brown-without-sun mousse that gives the skin a smooth sun-kissed shade. The beautifully airy mousse is quick -dried, easy to apply and leaves a lovely scent to the skin.

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    10. Ultra Powder 601

    A fluffy powder brush that gives a natural and even result when applying loose or pressed powder. The tapered brush also facilitates more targeted application.

    11. Angled Contour 602

    An oblique brush for application of contour, rouge and highlighter. The soft synthetic brush hair is easy to work with and gives an exact result. Perfect for highlighting, defining, sculpting and contouring.

    12. Cheeck Brush 603

    Luxurious soft brush with a flat tapered brush head that adds exactly the right amount of color for a natural blush. Apply, mix, and build up color gradually to reinforce and give extra depth to the face. A perfect brush for rouge, highlighter And contour.

    13. Round Concealer 604

    Mix and build an "Airbrushed Finish" with our specially designed concealer brush! Perfect for applying liquid products and creamy eye shadows.

    14. Fan Brush 605

    A full -bodied and soft solar spring -shaped brush specially designed for easy application of highlighter And blush.

    15. Stay Awake Eye Gel

    Hickap's Moisturizing eye gel has a wonderfully light gel texture and contains caffeine that seems swelling to the area around the eyes. Luminous vitamin C lights up and helps reduce dark rings.

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    16. Body Lotion - Vive Laliberté

    Deeply moisturizing body lotion with Hickap's Signature scent Vive La Liberté. With top notes of red berries, mandarin and freshly picked summer flowers. Seems softening and protective.

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    17. Preppy Prime setting spray Ultra-matte finish

    One setting spray And primer that fixes the makeup and gives an extra matte finish. The spray is specially developed to minimize shine and maintain a fresh matte look regardless of the weather, wind and sweat.

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    18. Triple Antioxidant Synchronized Serum

    A full serum with high concentrations of antioxidants. The powerful combination of vitamin C, ferulic acid and resveratrol helps the skin to resist harmful free radicals.

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    19. Honey Glow Priming Moisturizer

    Hickap's Most acclaimed product is this luminous and smoothing day cream and primer that provides a beautiful glow and a perfect base. The lightweight formula can be used both as a luminous day cream or moisturizing makeup primer.

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    20. Bronze Glow Priming Moisturizer

    A bronze and luminous day cream and primer that gives an immediate sunny and even result. The lightweight formula contains Hickap's Signature mixture of low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid that moisturizes intensely to give your skin a perfect luster that lasts for a long time.

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    21. Mad Molecules Micellar Toner

    Lovely moisturizing micellar water and tones in one. This multifunction product gently cleanses, reduces the pore size and helps restore the skin's pH balance.

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    22. Mad Precision Lip Pencil

    With Hickap's You can easily define, frame, frame and fill your lips. Use it to create perfect contours or as a primer all over the lip. What shade you get will be a surprise!

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    23. Radically Kind makeup remover

    A super -efficient makeup remover that quickly and easily dissolves all types of makeup without scratching. Gently against the skin and at the same time efficient to remove even waterproof and otherwise "stubborn" lip and eye makeup.

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    24. Eye Shadow Palette - Vibrant Nudes 1.0

    A super luxurious collection with 12 high -pigmented eye shadows for every occasion and mood. Everything from light matte shades to more intense, shimmering and crackling metallic tones.

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