What is the difference between Classic, Inside Out and No Doubt?

    Our 3 collections of brush sets are unique and have their own designs, hairs and shapes so that there is always at least one set that suits you.

    Classic: Our most popular collection that suits both an everyday and more experimental makeup user. These unique designs on the brushes make it easier and faster to get the makeup in place.

    Inside Out: The collection is designed to simplify your makeup routine. The shapes are ergonomic and allow the brush to both lie at the right angle to the face and give you the opportunity to enter all areas. A brush set for those who like fluffy and functional brushes.

    No Doubt: The brushes' soft hairs and stylish design make it impossible not to long for the make-up routine. These shapes on the brushes are suitable for the simple makeup user who does not want to complicate the steps.