No Doubt - Complete Set
    No Doubt - Complete Set
    No Doubt - Complete Set
    No Doubt - Complete Set

    No Doubt - Complete Set

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    10 brushes in beautiful burgundy design. The no doubt set is inspired by daring to be itself and made with the best synthetic hair for precision, comfort and luxury in each sweep.

    • 100% vegan
    • Easy to clean
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    No Doubt Set is inspired by daring to be yourself. The vegan collection consists of 10 face and eye brushes in a beautiful burgundy design. Made with the best synthetic hair for precision, comfort and luxury in every sweep. It also makes it easier to clean the brushes and keep them fresh longer. Each brush has its name engraved so you can easily know which application it is for. And a number in which order you can put on make-up. With their high quality, these brushes are a must have in your makeup routine.

    Luxe Buffer 301
    The brush is incredibly smooth and easy to use, which means that there are no streaks or other irregularities on the face.

    Lil Buff 302
    This soft and tapered brush is perfect for packing powder on small areas, applying a highlighter to the cheekbones or mixing out your concealer.

    Tapered Powder 303
    The large and tapered head gives you control over the choice of product, for a perfect finish.

    Tapered Blush 304
    The brush is slightly flat to give you good control over the amount of blush, bronzer, highlighter or contour powder in one swipe.

    Angled Brow 305
    The brush gives you full control over your eyebrows.

    Luxe Classic 306
    The large head and thick hair of the brush absorbs a lot of pigment and leaves the eye shadow completely spotless.

    Round Crease 307
    The brush is in a perfect size and thickness for your inner crease or your outer V.

    Detail Shader 308
    The brush is dense and therefore absorbs a lot of product so that you can easily apply the strong color to precise areas.

    Round Blender 309
    The brush has a fluffy and tapered head so you can easily blend out your shadows.

    Angled Eyeliner 310
    The brush has a shape that helps for maximum control and easy application.

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    Facial brushes

    The right type of makeup brush is a must to get precision and comfort in each swipe. A really good brush follows the forms of the face and provides the opportunity to sculpt selected parts of the face.

    6 pieces
    Eye brushes

    Here you will find brushes that are designed to fit the whole eyes. Because the eyes are the most sensitive area on the face is Hickap's Brush hair made of super soft synthetic that does not irritate the skin.


    Super happy with the brushes. Good quality, stylish design, like them different models. Recommend them to people in my area. Good work!

    Josefine N.

    Best makeup brushes! Is really easy to use with incredible quality and gives such an incredibly nice result!

    Klara G.


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    No doubt complete set

    Common questions

    All our makeup brushes are vegan, which allows them to be washed with soap and detergent. Preferably do not wash with shampoo as this does not clean the makeup brush as well.

    1. Clean with the soap or detergent thoroughly and then rinse under lukewarm water.
    2. Keep the brush down below the tap so that not too much water enters the shaft as the glue that holds the brush can be dissolved.
    3. Then dry the brush lying on a towel.

    Our 3 collections of brush setAre unique and have their own designs, hairs and shapes so that there should always be at least one set that is right for you.

    Classic:Our most popular collection that fits both everyday and more experimental makeup users. These unique designs on the brushes make it easier and faster to get the makeup in place.

    Inside Out:The collection is designed to simplify your makeup routine. The shapes are ergonomic and allow the brush to both be at the right angle to the face and give you the opportunity to enter all areas. A brush set for those who like fluffy and functional brushes.

    No double:The brushes' soft hairs and stylish design make it impossible not to long for the makeup routine. These shapes on the brushes fit the simple makeup user who does not want to make the steps more difficult.

    100% vegan and contains the most important ingredients for the skin to feel good.
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