Så tvättar du dina sminkborstar (4 Steg)

    How to wash your makeup brushes (4 Steps)

    How to wash your makeup brushes

    It is important to take care of their make-up brushes so that they last longer and to have as hygienic a make-up routine as possible. This is a routine that many find difficult, but since it is incredibly important for you and your makeup brushes, our tip is to make it a little more cozy moment. For example, you can light some candles and turn on a podcast or music and automatically your little routine will not be so difficult anymore. In retrospect, you will definitely think it's worth the time when the next day you get to put on make-up with the make-up brushes that feel new, fresh and soft again.

    If you use your make-up brushes every day, we recommend that you wash them at least once a week to get the most hygienic make-up routine possible. The two most important things to keep in mind are what you wash them with and that you get all the cleaning out of the brush when you then put it to dry.

    Step 1: Towel, bowl and soap

    Bring a towel and a bowl of soap / dishwashing liquid and water in. All hickap's brushes are completely vegan, which means that they can be washed with both soap and detergent. Preferably do not wash with shampoo as this does not clean the makeup brush as well.

    Step 2. Fold the towel

    Fold the towel so that you have an edge that you can then place the brushes on after you have cleaned them.

    STEP 3. Clean the brush with the soap and then rinse the brush with lukewarm water.

    Clean the brush with the soap and then rinse the brush with lukewarm water. Repeat the cleaning until you see that the brush is clean and product does not come out of the brush. Avoid getting water on the shaft by holding the brush down, as the glue in the shaft can dissolve if water enters.

    STEP 4. Then wipe the makeup brush

    Place it on the towel with the bristles down so that the water does not run into the shaft. Let the brushes dry overnight so you are ready to use your new fresh brushes for the make-up routine the next morning.

    Wilma Holmqvist
    Trained makeup artist.