5 Sminktips för nybörjare

    5 Makeup tips for beginners

    5 Makeup Tips for Beginners

    We have all been beginners. It is not easy to be a beginner, therefore our brushes are designed to make the job easier for you. They absorb just the right amount of product, mix evenly, highlight and create shadows for you. We thought we would give our best tips to you who want to improve your makeup routine without having to spend too much time.

    1: Have the right brushes (at least 3 pcs) in the make-up bag

    We recommend having at least 3 face brushes and 2 eye brushes at home. Hickap's brush 112, 203, 303, 307 and 309 are some of the brushes we would recommend most to a beginner.

    2. Make up in front of the window to avoid an uneven base

    An even base is the most important thing in a make-up as there are large and visible areas on the face that can easily look different in different lights. Make up in front of a window so you get an even light over your face and you have as few shadows as possible to avoid misleading in the amount of product you apply to different areas. It is also important to have a good foundation with moisturizing on the skin before you apply the make-up as it can be uneven if you are more or less moisturized on different areas of the face.

    3. Always (almost) use powder products after liquid products

    If you use a liquid product, you almost always have to add some form of powder product afterwards. Why then do you think? Well, because the skin can have a hard time absorbing all the heavy liquid product. Then you need to attach the product to the skin for it to stay. You also remove many of the nice shadows on the face with liquid product, and you want to emphasize these again with a powder product on the top layer.

    4. NEVER wear dirty makeup brushes

    If you use your brushes daily, you should wash your brushes at least once a week. If you do not take care of your brushes, the make-up will become uneven and the skin will get more bacteria in it which will create impurities in the skin. Follow our steps on how to wash the brushes HERE.

    5. Different face shapes require different types of makeup

    All people have different shapes and sizes, which means that we need different techniques to get the desired result. Take a mirror in front of you and try to paint your face shape on a piece of paper. You may be surprised at your uneven oval face shape. We usually have a more uneven head shape than we think. When you have a picture of your face shape, it is easier for you to see where on the face you are going to work, and what you want to shape or emphasize. It's fun that we are different, so test yourself and see what you think is nice about you.

    Wilma Holmqvist
    Trained makeup artist.